We would like to thank you all for a great season. Outdoor service, while it wasn't the service we would normally like to provide, went extremely well and we are grateful to all of you that came out. To ensure we will be able to open in March 2021, we will have to end our season early this year. Please contact your representatives in the House and Senate and ask that they pass the next round of stimulus to help all of our friends in the industry that are struggling. Stay safe out there, we love you all, and we'll see you next year.


Located in Beautiful Downtown Douglas, Wild Dog Grille has become the destination for artisan cuisine & casual dining set in an extraordinary atmosphere since 2007 

Monday:            5 - 9:00pm

Tuesday:            CLOSED

Wednesday:       CLOSED

Thursday:          5 - 9:00pm

Friday:               5 - 9:30pm

Saturday:           5 - 9:30pm

Sunday:             5 - 9:00pm